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The Indian Ocean environment has produced some of the most diverse and naturally amazing island ecology and geological formations in the world. Each area offers a unique yacht charter fantasy land with vibrant culture and colorful flora and fauna that feasts the senses and sensibilities. You will want to explore them all in time and the way to do it right is from a private yacht charter. Scroll down to read about the Indian Oceans treasures or click on the locations above.

The Maldives Yacht Charter

Luxury yacht charters in the Maldives are becoming an increasingly inviting exotic alternative to the traditional northern hemisphere winter getaways in the Caribbean. The Maldives archipelago is a beautiful dotting of 1190 coral islands with some of the best beaches in the world, sparkling lagoons and calm coves. The perfect climate makes it a playground for all kinds of adventures from a yacht.

The Maldives has 26 naturally formed atolls that spanning the equatorial band like pearls of soft white sands laced with emeralds of tropical greenery afloat on a turquoise sea surrounded by an aqua blue sky. The coral gardens of splattered color below the surface will dazzle you. The year-round tropical climate, remote location and Indian Ocean currents all give the Maldives an amazingly diverse and unique underwater ecology teaming with life.

The Maldives offers a special charter destination on a select number of luxury mega yachts available here for charter, as well as more casual local sailing yachts.

Mahe, Seychelles The Seychelles Charter

These “Jewels of the Indian Ocean” just south of the Equator are the epitome of paradise. There are over a hundred islands to explore in 240,000 square miles of ocean. The Seychelles are a cruising dream with many protected anchorages and harbors.

Typical charters take you from the main island of Mahe and the island group of Praslin, La Digue, and Coco Islands located 25 miles NW where you can discover primeval mistforests, flocks of sea birds, giant tortoises, black parrots and a relative of the extinct Dodo, the flightless white-throated rail bird among a multitude of indigenous species found no where else on the planet. The true allure are the miles of desolate powdery sand beaches, vibrant coral reefs and inviting lagoons. Although, there is history to be found in old plantation houses, leper hospital ruins, pirate graves and legends of buried treasure.

There are excellent winds throughout the year. The winter months consistently have NW winds between 10-15 knots, while the summer months produce SE winds between 20-25 knots. Short time periods during the fall and spring seasons offer less consistent winds. Water and air temperatures are an unchanging pleasant tropical warm with pleasant breezes. Since these islands are outside the hurricane belt, and violent storms are rare, the Seychelles can be visited at any time of the year.

Don’t leave without sampling the delicious Creole fish dishes in a variety of exotic vegetables, fresh fruit and spices. In addition to Creole, both English and French are spoken here.

A a ten or fourteen day charter you can include Mahe and Silhouette in the cruise islands around Praslin.

The main island of Mahe is stunning with its 70 gorgeous beaches surrounded by unique rock formations that are a beautiful back ground for the architecturally elegant hotels. The charming capital, Victoria, has a population of around 20,000 and encircles a bay at the base of Morne Seychelles, the island’s highest point at 900 meters above sea level. There is wonderful hiking here as well.

St Anne Marine National Park protects over 150 types of fish. There are over 20 dive and snorkel sites in the marine parks around Mahe around dramatic granite rock formations encrusted by marine growth and populated by colorful fish and invertebrates species unique to Seychelles waters, such as the Seychelles anemone fish. The islands isolation has produced very brightly colored and amazing forms of sea life.

The island of Silhouette off the coast of the famous Beauvallon Bay in Mahé, with its mountains looming above the sea, is perfect for nature lovers and walkers. There are no cars or roads only rivers and waterfalls and a beautiful equatorial forest where you can discover exotic and rare flora and fauna. The island has a small population of some 300 farmers growing coffee, tobacco, cinnamon and avocados.

The second largest island in the Seychelles is Praslin, where you will discover the Vallee de Mai, a primeval rainforest where grows the famous coco de mer palms, with the largest and heaviest nuts in the world.

For the most photographed beaches in the world sail to La Digue where the quintessential Seychelles granite boulders are piled in artistic displays. Roam the dusty roads used by bicycles and ox carts to visit plantation house ruins. Many outlying smaller islands are now discreet hideaways for the rich and famous or nature reserves for the rare species that make their homes there.

The Seychelles are a colorful tropical paradise with a warm culture, bountiful natural beauty and a peace that feels like a dream.

Indonesia Yacht Charter

Indonesia is the largest archipelago on the planet with over 13,000 islands spanning the distance of the continental United States, making it a thrilling yacht charter adventure. Bail Indonesia Yacht Sailing VacationThere are many of these secluded islands that can only be reached from a yacht. The terrain is varied and invigorating, from dramatic volcanoes and snow capped peaks to sandy beaches and spectacular coral reefs. The culture is a fascinating and colorful.

The most known and touristed island is Bali and despite it’s popularity retains its magical charm, cultural richness, and breathtaking beauty. Its exotic reputation began in the early 20th century when it was discovered by artists and became the backdrop for their creativity. Well visited or not, Bali’s ominous volcanoes, terraced rice fields, gold sand beaches and flashes of cultural color are inviting.

Map of Indonesia

Asia Yacht Charter

The allure of Asia’s stunning natural beauty, intriguing culture and low tourism for less out of pocket expense is attracting increasing yacht charters. Though the variety of availability doesn’t match the Caribbean, you can find bareboats and fully crewed yachts to enjoy this area to the fullest.

The best Asian yacht charter areas are Thailand and Malaysia in the Andaman Sea. The northeasterly winds keep the air driest in November to August, the best season for sailing. July through October is monsoon season, which brings high humidity and rain. Air temperatures are consistently comfortable year round.

Below are descriptions of what to expect in an Asia charter destination.

Andaman Sea
“The Lure of the Orient” awaits in The Andaman Sea on a bareboat or luxury yacht charter. The cruising ground is extensive with miles of sailing pleasure between the Mergui Archipelago of Burma and the Malacca Straits of Malaysia, including the Similian Islands of Thailand.

With most of the Andaman’s picturesque islands only accessible by boat, a yacht charter is the ideal way to appreciate this location. The still undiscovered natural beaches, national parks, diving, warm and interesting culture, and exotic cuisine, make this yachting destination a true gem.

There are two seasons in the Andaman Sea. The wet season runs from, May to October, when you can expect regular brief showers. The dry season from November to April, brings winds from the northeast. The warm tropical climate and nice breezes make for good year round sailing. Also, the Andaman has no cyclones, typhoons or any extreme weather patterns.

If the feel of un-chartered waters appeals to your sense of adventure, a yacht charter in Malayasia and Thailand is your dream come true.

Malaysia Yacht Charter

The hundred islands in the archipelago off the northeast coast of Malaysia, just south of the Thai border, is an enchanting yacht charter destination. Among the largest of the islands are Langawi and Penang. A recent tourism boom in Langawi now offers modern conveniences of luxury resorts, marinas, and international restaurants, but despite the growing popularity of Langawi, it still maintains its peaceful charm.

Langaw and the many islands only accessible by boat is an outstanding haven for nature lovers. Ancient rainforests are inhabited by native fauna and amazing wildlife. Throughout the islands, you’ll find spectacular caves, lakes, limestone hills and anchorages in scenic coves with white sandy beaches.

The clear waters surrounding the islands are a snorkelor and diver paradise with a wonderful diversity of marine life, including vibrant coral and fish and a an underwater wonderland of sunken shipwrecks.

When you have worked up an appetite, you can delight in the exotic fusion of cuisine with distinct Thai, Indonesian and Indian undertones. Simply delectable! The islands of Malaysia make a beautiful, relaxing and intriguing yacht charter destination.

If you can, take your time and incorporate the stunning islands of Thailand in your itinerary, as well.

Map of Malaysia

Thailand yacht charter vacationThailand
Thailand’s, Phuket makes a perfect base for your yacht charter in the Andaman Sea located close to Burma, Malaysia and the Indonesian Archipelago as well. The Asian cruising ground is extensive, but Thailand alone holds plenty to keep anyone entertained on a yacht charter.

Phuket is a bustle of activity with modern resorts, restaurants, nightlife and great shopping. But once you start sailing you’ll be more likely to come across isolated beaches and untamed wildlife, than anything resembling civilization.

Pang Nag Bay, is among the superb anchorages and highlights for yacht charters. It’s gravity defying sea mountains that rise vertically out of the turquoise sea are mystifying. You can venture in the dinghy to explore the quaint little coves, caves and inland lakes. Be sure to buy fresh seafood from the local fisherman to grill on your aft deck BBQ, or have specially prepared by your chef on a crewed charter yacht holiday.

Thailand caves on sailing charterAnother spectacular island of Thailand is Koh Phi Phi, with more magnificent scenery, secluded bays and sandy beaches. Follow a jungle trail for an adventurous mountain trek or enjoy swimming in the clear, turquoise waters or simply relax on your charter yacht taking in the tropical sun and stunning panoramic vistas.

Evenings are especially romantic on Koh Phi Phi. Restaurants set up small tables and chairs on the beaches at night and when the candlelight flickers in the gentle breeze and the moon reflects off the rippling water, you will think you are in heaven.

The hundreds of less developed islands can only be truly enjoyed on a yacht charter vacation. You can easily visit several national parks and reefs, with many great opportunities for diving and fishing. The avid fisherman, will want to cruise out to the continental shelf, near the Similian Islands, for thrilling game fishing and the chance for the famous Black Marlin.

Thailand is a romantic and alluring yacht charter vacation. It has culture, nature and the sailing conditions are perfect all year. The environment is breathtaking, the people charming, and the food delicious. No matter how long your yacht charter is, you’ll wish it didn’t end.

Map of Thailand