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South Pacific Yacht Charters

The South Pacific is geographically vast, culturally diverse and filled with magic around every corner. From Baja to the Galapagos to Tahiti, New Caledonia cruise, Vanuatu cruise, any destination in the South pacific cruise options will be exciting!

Remember once you go below the equator, down under, the seasons are reverse to the northern hemisphere. You can take a charter most of the year with hurricane season being fore casted, but the main South Pacific Charters season is from about April to November in the southern hemisphere, which includes all the sailing areas with the exception of Baja California Peninsula.

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South Pacific Islands
Vanuata ~ New Caledonia ~ Fiji ~ Tonga ~ Tahiti

The South Pacific Islands (Tahiti, Tonga, Fiji, New Caledonia, and Vanuatu) is a vast area for yacht charter, with almost endless pleasures of a true paradise. It has become increasingly popular as a yacht charter destination only recently with the increase in airline and infrastructure support. On a sailing vacation in the islands of the South Pacific you will be inspired by the peace and romance of the warm azure sea, the soft sandy beaches, gently swaying palms, the abundance of sea life, and islanders’ friendly hospitality whereby visitors arriving on yachts, are treated as honored guests.

Australia and New Zealand

The Australia and New Zealand offer several diverse areas for yacht charters. scenes are varied and diverse. From the deep greens of New Zealand to the vibrant coral reefs of Queensland, Australia; you can spend a life time not seeing it all and enjoying every minute of the ultimate adventure.

Below are some of the most impressive yacht charter destinations down under:

Cairns and the famed and largest of it’s kind, The Great Barrier Reef spaning miles of the east coast of Queensland, Australia is a natural wonder to see at least once in a lifetime, especiallly for divers and snorklers.

The mostly national park Whitsunday islands offer the best of tropical warmth and scenery of the South Pacific, with the high end service and facilities expected by the most discerning traveler.

The imnpressive harbor of Sydney is an excellent place for a corporate yacht charter or simply a little night life excursion. From there you can head to the Hawkesbury River, just north of Sydney. Wind through over 50 miles of inland waters, through amazing sandstone cliffs, small towns, woodlands and many uninhabited islands.

Don’t miss the renowned Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island. It’s unique eco-system of bird, marine and wildlife among white sand dunes, and scattered fresh water lakes is truly aweinspiring.

Wonder to where two oceans meet in isolated and natural stunning, Western Australia. The area is loved by all for its radiant blue skies, perfect sunny climate and the quintessential white sandy beaches.

Be held in endless awe in the majestic and mystical charm of a New Zealand yacht charter. The geographically diverse and moving, New Zealand offers the adventurous something to behold, especially from a yacht. There is Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf, Coromandel and the Bay of Islands with miles of coastline, splattered with off shore cays and beaches that make you want to make this home. Venture to The south island’s protected waterways and spectacular greenery of Marlborough and Milford Sounds and Abel Tasman. Also worth noting is that New Zealand has world class cuisine and wine so your charter will surely be well provisioned on your bareboat or crewed yacht charter holiday.

Baja and Acapulco, Mexico

There are two outstanding yacht charter cruising grounds on the Pacific Ocean side of Mexico; Acapulco and Baja California on the Sea of Cortez.

If it is the sophistication and liveliness of a high class resort town you seek amongst the play ground of the rich blue sea, then sail the “Mexican Riviera” along the stunning Pacific coast from Mazatlan to Acapulco. Bask in the endless sun with an icey cocktail in hand or revel in the sea life with superb fishing and snorkeling. Take some onshore excursions by horseback or jeep and barter with local crafts people for colorful souveniers. Go back to the yacht to enjoy the pink and orange sunset hues.

For lovers of nature and isolation, the sheltered 900 mile Baja California Sur and Sea of Cortez area with the many coves, desert islands, secluded beaches, orange painted cliffs and pristine clear waters will draw you sailing in. Baja’s unspoiled beauty has much to offer for wildlife enthusiasts as it is teaming with migratory whales, colonies of sea lions, pelicans, manta rays, vultures and dolphins.

There are many side excursions to keep you occupied out of La Paz or Cabo San Lucas. From world class sportsfishing, scuba diving, tubing, dolphin and whale watching, to swimming with baby sea lions. The waters have novice to advanced sailing opportunities, and picturesque, desolate coves to anchor a yacht.

The common cruising season is during the dry season from December through April. Squalls called “Chubascos” develop from July through October. Prevailing winds are out of the northwest from October until May, when southern winds become more frequent and dead wind periods are common. Early winter can provide 25 knot winds most of the week and make a northward trek in very choppy seas, so plan accordingly and you will have spectacular Mexico fiesta.

Galapagos Islands

The enchanted Isles, the Galapagos Archipelago, is one of the most exotic yacht charter destinations. It is a dream voyage for naturalists and all those who appreciate natures mysteries. There is no better way to get up close and personal yet unobtrusive than on a private yacht with
captains and guides who have lived and explored these islands for many years and have much knowlegde to impart about these beloved isles.

The islands dramatic volcanic rock formations peirce the sea some 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, South America. Their stark, bold landscapes have a raspy beauty all their own. Some islands with higher elevations receive enough rain to support giant cactus forests growing in wind formed sandscapes. In exploring these unique land falls, you will feel as if you stepped into the beginning of time.

The cooling Humboldt Current keeps the climate temperate with comfortable temperatures; hot midday, and cool at night.

What most adventurers sail to the Galapagos to experience is the rich and varied wildlife that inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution. Each island in the chain boasts special terrain and the creatures to match, such as fur seals on Santiago, masked boobies of Tower Island. The variety to awe inspiring; marine iguanas, scarlet-faced lizards, and infamous giant tortoises lounging in the sun. A birders dream with visions of green herons, flightless cormorants, vermilion fly catchers, tropical flamingoes, penguins, and the renowned Darwin finches just to name a few among the avion spendor. The exposure of each species making their way among the jagged rocks surrounded by crashing white sea foam is always impressive and unforgettable especially when seen from a private yacht charter.

The undersea world is equally enchanting and snorkelers will want to make the plunge in some of the pristine and quite coves of the Galapagos. Maybe you will find some of the fish that have still not been classified!