2 of the 42 crewCrew on yachts are usually pretty interesting people in general.  They are individuals who follow their dreams and make their life what it should be.  And Naom and Dalit aboard the Catamaran 42 are no exception.

They both have degrees in Marine Sciences and have a lot to share with guests about the ocean environments they sail in.  And they may even have something to say about the number 42 “The Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything” as you may know.

Read more about them in their profile below.  Such people make great crew to spend a week charter with.   You may even become life long friends.

Captain: Noam Ganz Nationality: US / Israel
Number of Crew: 2 Languages: English, Spanish, Hebrew, some Portuguese
Crew Profiles:
Noam and Dalit have had a life-long relationship with the sea. Their paths crossed while getting their BSc’s in marine sciences and since then they have sailed the seas of Israel, Greece and Cyprus together. Later, they moved on to chartering in the Caribbean in the most amazing places, like Belize, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the BVIs.Noam and Dalit are passionate sailors, surfers and scuba divers which makes their love for the sea contagious. They are always eager to share their knowledge of the sea and they make sure that while you are on board, every moment turns into a memory. With more than a decade of experience in the service and hospitality industry, you are guaranteed a treat when chartering with them.
Behind Noam’s youthful smile you will find a safety conscious captain with an eye for detail. He will make sure you enjoy the adventurous side of sailing, while feeling safe and protected at the same time.
Dalit’s upbringing and travels fueled her passion for cooking, painting her repertoire with South American, Eastern European, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Asian influences. Her goal is to personalize the menu for her guests, in order to achieve the perfect balance between surprise and comfort, innovation and tradition.Catamaran Yacht Charter 42
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